binCollection of little scripts 8 dayssummarylogtree
binderGNU Emacs global minor mode facilitating multi-file writing projects 8 dayssummarylogtree
bydasein.comWebsite source 8 dayssummarylogtree
dotfilesPersonal configuration files 4 dayssummarylogtree
etcSystem configuration files 4 dayssummarylogtree
fountain-modeGNU Emacs major mode for screenwriting in Fountain plain-text markup 5 dayssummarylogtree
freeze-itGNU Emacs minor-mode to freeze your writing once you've written it 8 dayssummarylogtree
olivettiGNU Emacs minor mode to automatically balance window margins 8 dayssummarylogtree
side-notesEasy access to a notes file in a side-window in GNU Emacs 8 dayssummarylogtree