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+Version 0.4.3
+- Use file-relative-name for binder-file-relative-to-root -- this will
+ set a fileid outside of the project directory as a relative path
+ instead of absolute
+- Add faces binder-sidebar and binder-notes with face remap to default
+- Quit and kill binder side windows in all frames on quit
+- Remove call to hack-local-variables from binder-sidebar-refresh, as
+ this can cause a segfault
+- Make safer use of set-transient-map
+- Add hints for clearing sidebar tag filters (g key)
+- Add binder-theme.el to contrib/
+- Small imporvements to tutorial
+- Track known issues with FIXME comments in source
+- Stipulate acknowledgement of Scrivener in redistribution terms
+- Update email, and upstream URL to https://git.skeletons.cc/binder
+- Update repository for portability (add a screenshot, no more relying
+ on GitHub stuff)